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Hey everyone hows it going? Ive been reading these forums for a while and decided to join so I can discuss things with other aviators. A little background info: Im 16 and have been flying at DCA out of SFB for about a year and a half. Ive got about 26 hours logged right now and soloed back in April. Sadly ive only gotten out 2 times since then because of school and was hoping to get back out soon. Im probly going to wait until it gets closer to summertime to start my PPL training so that why Ill be able to get out couple times a week and keep everything in my head. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for who i should ask for as my flight instructor, someone whos a good instructor and fun to fly with . Last time i flew it was with a guy named Michael Fischer, anyone know if hes still there?


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Hey.. welcome.. I haven't heard of Michael but that is not to say he is not still there as that place has so many people. Good luck to you..


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mike's still there. hes by far the best instructor there. he ought to be getting close to the end of his contract tho. some other good instructors are there tho like david hayden, kevin kowal.... <- cant spell his name, billy wege, mark kemp if hes still there, laurel, nate bass, those were most of the ones i flew with that were good and still might be there.