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Airplanes fly on PFM, Change my mind
awesome, thanks for the opinions/responses. I know a lot of our pilots fly for the airlines without issue but I'd imagine their schedules are a little different than dispatchers. Anyway, it's nice to hear the positive feedback. I know the military service could help to an extent with networking and such, I was just concerned about causing any issues early on being a rookie and needing more time off than everyone else. I fly on C-5s so our trips don't always go quite on time, haha. But thanks again, your opinions are much appreciated!
I know of a Lt. Col in the Air Guard, a Dispatch manager, who has reached out to other managers at regionals and cargo carriers trying to help his guys in the Guard out. As others have said military shouldn’t matter. If it does, don’t work there and if it were my shop there would be some choice words said to the person not being accommodating by me and many others from our group. 5% of any group causes 95% of the problems, probably the exact same applies here. Good luck!!!


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I was involved with their transition from Phoenix to Greensboro. It was a mess and this was back in 2016 so things may have changed. There was times were we didn't even know the aircraft was off the ground or if it had landed yet. They did a lot of deportation type flights in addition to other customers I can't remember. The flight tracking system was not your conventional gnat views which made it more difficult to track but it was color coded, not that it helped any. Again this is my opinion and things I'm hoping have changed but if not I would ask for a visit and check out the operation if you can.
If I got a tour--what would I be looking for to gauge if this is a good place to start?