New Dispatcher FAQ


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I was a Flight attendant at F9. I have some flight time too, not really applicable to DX. It did help a bit as far as reading METARS/TAFS as well as the weight and balance topics that we covered in class. I really appreciate your input! Really can’t thank yall enough. I have such a passion for aviation and I’m eager to learn more and begin a great career as a dispatcher.
Some flight time and even being an FA can be helpful for dispatching, even if it's just understanding the importance of alerting crews about turbulence, and will at least look good on a resume that you have experience in the field. Being an FA, I'm guessing you have friends in the industry and that is the easiest way to help get a job.

As far as being a dispatcher, it is a great career and most days it is pretty relaxed and enjoyable, especially if you have a love for aviation, but there are certainly stressful days. Another great thing DX is that if you love aviation and traveling you will be surrounded by like minded people and it's easy to make a lot of friends. There are downsides though. Relocating is almost a certainty (multiple times) as you get your first job and progress through your career, so choice of where you can live will always be limited. Also, you will not make great money for a while. For me though, I wouldn't want to do anything else, and could not imagine working 5 day weeks and not having flight benefits again. ;)