Need information from a pilot for thesis

Zara Ahmed

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Hello :) My name is Zara, and I am new to the forum.

For my thesis I require a commercial pilot to detail his personal experience, and was wondering if anyone here would be willing to help.
Although my thesis focuses on business aspects, and I do not require very detailed technical information, I needed the answers to the following questions:

- Have you used both Airbus and Boeing planes?
- If yes, what has your experience been like, which do you prefer and for what reason? Is there a distinctive differentiating factor that accommodates for the experience? (mention model numbers and airlines if necessary)

If anyone is willing to help, note that I will require your name and the airline you work for, this information will only be used in order to reference my work, and my thesis will be submitted to University of Birmingham, no other source will be in reach of this information.

Please help me out if possible! :)

P.S. I'm sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place!


Neither, and Boeing because I haven't flown either, I have a misguided national allegiance, and a distaste for the French.



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I'd help but I've never flown a bus. Not sure how I would handle a transition to something without a yoke. All things being equal, I'd rather not find out.


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any serious takers?
I find people's preference is directly tied to the amount of money it pays, the comfort of the plane, the relative seniority they have on that fleet type and then related to that - days off.
Oh and the 737 needs to die. Even as a pax. Screw that plane.