Need a PT6?


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I'm on vacation in Mexico, staying in a condo. Was walking past one of the resident parking stalls, when I noticed a cardboard crate back in the shadows that said "Pratt and Whitney" on it. Further investigation revealed this:



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Leaving it unattended in an unsecured parking garage in Mexico is not where I would put items of "high claim value".


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Only one reason why someone would leave high dollar items unattended........because locals know that stealing it would mean very bad things.


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Was the address labeled to a company or a personal residence? On second thought it's none of our business and I don't want you to lose any fingers :D


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I always thought the perfect airboat would have one of these. Well, one of these, a damn big fuel tank, and someone else's credit card. I bet it would run fine on used motor oil for quite a while.