My day with Flexjet


They flew me into DFW Sunday, and me up in a nice Marriott property. There were three of us who met waiting for the shuttle to Bombardier, and we chatted and got to know each other a bit.

First was an overview of the growth, they are going to be bringing on 20 or more airframes, and will be hiring 200 this year. They even have an option to purchase a supersonic ship.

We met with the CP the manager of the Red Label and a HR person A union rep sat in.

FIrst was the whiz quiz. Since I had studied all week for my drug test, I'm sure there was no problem.

Then they took us for a spin in a 300 Challenger. I was PM first, the young man did remarkably well and we just ran checklists, I helped with power and setting headings. It was some vectors, and ILS and a V1 cut. Basically just to see if you knew CRM and Instrument procedures. Then I flew, for me it was quite a handful. I had real trouble keeping the thing on speed and altitude, my bank angles were ugly too, until about midway downwind for the ILS. After that things settled down, I kept the ILS to within 1/8 deflection, and onspeed to touchdown. My V1 cut didn't kill us.

Then I sat with the panel. We had a frank and sometimes lively discussion about why I wanted to come to Flexjet, what did I know about the company, how did I deal with a problem crewmember. All the same questions we've all heard.

They were friendly, and after we ran out of questions for each other I left.
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I'm probably commenting ironically...
hey @Bumblebee sorryvwe didn’t connect earlier, hopefully the interview went well.

Anyone one else had questions feel free to give me a shout