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Dont get an Xbox. 3/4 of my friends with them HATE it. Half of them break it seems and the rest of the time they just hate it. Go with PS2.


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I'm enjoying my GameCube and they're down to like $100 now.

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My little brother has one. The graphics are pretty good, but the selection of games is pitiful!


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While an Xbox is indeed a cool machine, and I hate to dampen the party...

But $250 plus S&H on a videogame console to Iraq for 4 months use seems like cash that could be better spent of other stuff that MikeD could share with everyone around (not just the 12 or so in his tent). I.e, if we sent steaks or other snacks galore, we'd help out more people and boost morale more I think (since they'll have Xbox when they get back - but they can't have really nice steaks right now). $250 will buy a lot of snacks : )