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Monarch Air is hiring CFIs


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Flight Instructor/King Air First Officer - Dallas, TX

Monarch Air is a rapidly growing flight department based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area seeking exceptional individuals to join our team. We carefully hand select all of our team members based on characteristics such as professionalism, strong work ethic, customer service abilities, and their commitment to safety.

We are hiring flight instructors who want to join a successful flight training program. Successful candidates who work hard and provide a positive team environment will rapidly be accelerated into our FAR 135 Scheduled Commuter Service flying a King Air 350 aircraft.

As a CFI you will be instructing from day one in our new fleet of G1000 Cessna 172SPs while preparing for the transition to our commuter flight department. Team members may be offered a full-time position as a King Air First Officer, and sent to simulator training after as little as six months, or 600 hours of instruction given.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • FAA 1st Class Physical (or the ability to maintain one if pursuing advancement into flow through program) otherwise FAA 3rd Class
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  • Impeccable FAA and driving safety record
Preferred Qualifications:
  • 300 Hours total time
  • 100 Hours dual given
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument
  • Certified Multi-engine Flight Instructor
For more information contact: jill@monarchair.com


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Never worked from them, but the 135 side is know. As Rise airlines. Doing the netjetish commuter thing between Dallas/Houston/Austin/San Antonio.


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Just a small nit pick, but when someone says "hand select", I'm thinking strawberries about to be dipped in chocolate, flowers for an arrangement, or maybe even brown M&M's for the talent of a Van Halen concert. But CFI resumes?

Sorry, couldn't help myself....


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Hey Monarch I came across this posting. Notice this was for 2017, are you guys actively hiring in 2019 for CFI? If so who is the contact person? Is it still Jill?


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I contact them...Their chief was in a hurry and made it sound you need us more than we need you mentality. No relocation ass.