Microsoft to release new “Flight Simulator”

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BTW, little known fact to all you millennials... some of the best software Microsoft ever crafted were the apps it wrote for the early Macintosh computers.
Well-known fact, at least to me. Microsoft were onboard on the Macintosh from Day 1 with native versions of what would eventually become Office; this continued throughout the rather unfortunate succession of post-Jobs Apple CEOs in the 1990s. I think it's safe to say that if not for Microsoft, the Macintosh would have become extinct as a non-serious computer appliance. ClarisWorks and later AppleWorks (the somewhat in-house, somewhat not) productivity suite was a poor substitute for Office.

Was not really a huge surprise to see Gates beamed up on the screen at MacWorld when Jobs returned to the fold, either. The infusion of cash was probably cheaper than another antitrust or patent kerfuffle too, and allowed them to push Internet Exploder to another platform. (My bondi blue iMac used IE under MacOS.)

To this day I consider the MacOS versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint superior to the native Windows versions in terms of their interface. I tolerate the native Windows versions and can soldier along with them, but the MacOS versions are absolutely fantastic software.

One might argue that Jobs gave away the store with the patent cross-license, but they committed to five years of Office. Sucks that Exploder was the default browser but oh well.


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I'd like to just point out that there is still a large market for Flight Simulator 2004, with thousands and thousands of active users and a very active 3rd party market with new add-ons being made for that platform but incompatible with Prepar3Dv4, the modern 64 bit sim. Prepar3Dv4 came out with all the benefits of a 64-bit program, but with the hitch that files are not "backward compatible" without a lot of tweaking. Tweaking that will never happen to the scenery or airplane you bought 10 years ago in most cases. Because of this, I'd estimate a good 30%+ of people who buy flightsim products annually are still running the 32-bit FS2004 to keep their collection of add-ons as it looks and feels "good enough" for those users. 16 years after release, it is a statement that many users have never upgraded.

People in the flightsim world are freaking out about not buying any more aircraft/scenery for the current sim and how this will change everything. My bet is; it won't. Best case scenario,Microsoft get's this new simulator to be the leading simulator 5 years or so after release. But given the fact it will eventually have an Xbox version and some other things I've read from credible sources, this is basically Microsoft giving FSX Google Maps 3D scenery with Grand Theft Auto like graphics/lighting. Some of the most respected names in simulation have already told Microsoft to get stuffed when they were told they would have to either work for Microsoft or keep working with P3D/X-Plane. Not a good look for Microsoft. I don't expect the planes that come with the game to have the systems depth or flight dynamics of the competition, but I'm sure it'll appeal to the casual aviation fan more than the complicated simulators.
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