Microsoft to release new “Flight Simulator”


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My issue growing up was the flight sims were just too advanced for computer power at the time. My FPS were horrible. They’d tell you to lessen scenery complexity or sound quality, etc, but to me that defeats the point.

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Everything I learned about flying, I learned at Meigs Field. And I’d never even been to Chicago...
I literally learned how VOR radials and ILSs worked by flying them over and over again until I was able to figure out what was going on. That was on a 128K Mac on a 3 inch b/w screen using the original mac version of MSFS. Kinda like learning how GPS works by trying to fly an Apollo GX50, except way, way, way, way worse.
BTW, little known fact to all you millennials... some of the best software Microsoft ever crafted were the apps it wrote for the early Macintosh computers.
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I’m too uptight... all I saw in that trailer were a bunch of FAR violations.

Seriously though, my love for aviation was fostered in jr. high school tech lab where I could show up the teacher on the FlightSim95 set up they had at my school. Or my with my Saturdays planning transoceanic flights to Sydney and my Sundays flying them on FS2000 while I did my chores. Hopefully this will do the same thing for a whole new generation!


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I'm partly here because of FS9. My goal is to replicate my virtual airline career in real life. It's good to see it for a future generation.

I’d argue that FS9 was the peak as far as 3rd party add ons were concerned. Feel There and PMDG made mad cash on nerds like me.
+1. The Dreamfleet 727 was my life.


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Today, an aircraft buzzed Ocean Beach in San Francisco maybe 100-150 feet off the water just off the beach, but not putting any people or vessels in danger. When the girls saw it and said "LOOK HOW LOW THAT PLANE IS", I paused for a moment to accept the reality that my camera is on my lap and Jerry might be taking all his daughter's "single" friends on a creepy adventure, then turned around to see a Bonanza wagging it's wings. I actually got disappointed and didn't even reach for the camera until it had already started climbing out. One day, 'Jer. One day.


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PMDG released a statement on 2020. It sounds like Microsoft is going to control the third party market by mandating sales go through their marketplace so they can get a piece of the action. Doesn't sound too promising for widespread third party support.