Mesa-Gateway Incident


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Native Air Ambulance used to be a separate company with its own PC-12s and Bell 206Ls. Acquired by Air Methods, you still see some marked as Native Air, just as you see TriState Careflight marked helos which are now Air Methods too.

Air Methods.....not a very impressively managed company from everything I've seen.


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Wow, those composite props just disintegrate.
Sacrificial part. The place I was CP at had a documented history of prop strikes on metal vs composite and the after effects from follow up inspections. The metal props generally resulted in metal in oil within the 35 hour "monitoring window" and would lead to gearbox replacement. The composite props had zero gearbox replacements during the same stretch, though the blades would obviously explode when they hit something. I can't remember the numbers anymore, but the prop was way cheaper than the gearbox.