Mercury Jets Operations Coordinator (FLL)


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They're looking for someone with dispatcher experience. My apologies if it was wrong to post this here.

Tasks include:

  • Coordinate the dispatch of flights, based on in house contacts and industry resources.
  • Assisting with APHIS manifesting
  • Coordinating operations, maintenance and sales
  • Accommodating permits, ground transport, overflight, catering, weather reports, flight following
Position requires:

  • Prior industry knowledge
  • Former dispatchers preferred
  • Full time in office position, based at KFLL

Base pay + expenses + commission structur


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This is either 91 or 135 ops. Not really a 121 dispatch job but can give you some experience. Dealing with private jets like how Netjets is. That is why is has commission. You will do a lot more than just doing flight plan, so pay should be a bit more starting out.


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This is not a dispatch job. It's a sales job. Mercury Jets is a charter broker. They don't own or operate airplanes. Basically what you would do is take a charter request from a customer, shop it around to the various operators, get a quote, and try to sell it to the customer. That's why the commission.