Medical certificate: 3rd class: Should I continue?


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Hi All,
Just a quick question on medical certificates for 3rd class - I'm hoping to start my PPL helicopter training, but I've been hanging out for my medical to pass before starting.
On the original application, I reported 3 instances of head trauma in my life - once a result of swinging on a stool as a child and falling off and hitting a heavy object, once from crashing my race car in to a wall about 10 years ago (only brief if I was unconscious, but gave myself temporary BPPV), and once last year at my sisters wedding where I had drunk _a lot_ across the day's festivities and accidentally collided with solid column on the dance floor - knocking myself unconscious.

The FAA required details of the head trauma from last year, which I provided, but that also showed up a BAC of 216mg (no kidding... definitely drunk), and rightly they are now asking for further details.
Reading around it seems that the FAA might consider this evidence of alcohol abuse? I would say that my drinking habits are not problematic, and I have a healthy respect for drinking and driving - I grew up in the UK where this is not socially acceptable, but I guess how do I prove that?

The FAA have asked for a psychiatric and neurophysiological evaluation - my question is should I persist with spending money on this? If the FAA will continue to hold up my medical, then I'll probably go learn something else instead.

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Try to see whether a first-class is obtainable, first of all. Continue onwards if yes, make sure to spare your cranium further trauma, nor become inebriated. If you could get a first-class, the career is worth it.


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Your best bet in situations like this is to consult with a Senior AME who is not the one who did your medical, but who knows the ropes and can guide you in the process. Many people with a medical issue have gotten caught up in a revolving door of being asked for information or to do tests, submitting the information and test results, , being asked for more information or tests and, by the time getting those done, found the earlier results and timed out and needed to be redone. That's something a consulting AME can help you avoid. They will also be able to answer your question of whether you will be able to get a certificate at all or a higher level one.

Bruce Chien at is known for helping pilots through the quagmire, although you might be able to find someone local in your area as well.
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