man has trouble maintaining altitude, airspeed, localizer, glideslope...


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Running a tank dry is no big deal, provided you’re at cruse power up at altitude and switch over to another tank reasonably quickly. I do this pretty regularly to make sure the gauge is still calibrated. Once it starts getting close to empty, I watch the fuel flow, and once it starts to fluctuate, I get ready to switch over.
When I flew the Chieftain, running the outboards dry in cruise was fairly stadndard practice.


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One day he will turn it on because he thinks it will save him or he won’t turn it off because he’s not paying attention to it. The worst pilot in any cockpit (even Jerry’s) is the autopilot.
I’m not sure what autopilot he’s got on that plane, but I know I don’t trust my old 800IFCS in my Twin Cessna on a coupled approach unless I’m watching it like a hawk. Even my lazy ass usually hand flies instead.


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Well Jerrys back with a new and exciting adventure , this time Jerry runs a tank dry on purpose and almost cobbs the motor , check out the action at 11:00 min in .

Hahaha... I love how NorCal approach asks him if his name is Jerry after he makes a turn in the opposite direction to "test airspeed" and they are wondering how long before he turns back on course. Around 5:55.