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Los Angeles - Time Building $68/HR


New Member
Seeing if anyone else in the Los Angeles or SoCal area that needs some additional hours. I have access to a 2003 Cessna 172R for ~67.5/Hr if split out of KCMA.

I am currently at 160TT and need to get an additional 50 hrs XC. Currently working on finishing up my INST.

Anyone else in the same boat want to split some time and gain hours?


Well-Known Member
I might be down for something like this. I have all my INST hours completed (minus some hood time that I still need to finish), but I do need to build total time towards my commercial. I am at 150TT and I need to build about 10 more hours of hood time to take my INST checkride.


Well-Known Member
I need to build some hood time towards my instrument rating. What are you guys flying? I need about 15 hours, but wouldn't mind also building total time towards my commercial. I am at ~158hrs.
Hi i'm a private pilot but am waiting on my ifr checkride based out of ksna and wouldn't mind splitting hours and cost with some people and wouldn't mind building xcountry and night as well.