Looking for "as removed" C-130 parts


I'm working on project that needs "as removed" C-130 aircraft parts. Does anyone have access to these parts/aircrafts, or know someone who does, or how I can locate them? I'm looking for aircraft parts located outside North America. If you have any you are willing to part with or know someone who does, please let me know. Thank you!


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Please don't take this the wrong way but be careful where those parts go. I don't know if C130 parts are on the no sale list to countries like Iran. We had a local guy here buy used military aircraft parts, sold them to a fake company in Africa that was actually his, the fake company then sold them to Iran. He got 2 years in jail and they hauled his wife away for being his secretary too.

O.C. pilot get 2 years for exporting parts to Iran – Orange County Register