Looking for a specific video


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Hey guys/gals,

I'm looking for a video that was shot from the jumpseat on a couple KLM flights. It featured some flights down to South America/Caribbean and was mixed with some techno-ish music. I remember seeing it posted on the forums here back in the 2004-2005 timeframe and was wondering if anyone had a link to it. Thanks!

Beefy McGee

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Those videos make me want to make my own cockpit videos, then pick the worst music I can find to accompany them as payback for that awful music.:ooh:

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Didn't he change screen names?
I have no idea who he was or is.......somebody apparently before I joined here, but I've seen people refer to him once in blue.Used to confuse the hell outta me when it first happened. At any rate, I'm not him.