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Long term payoff?


Staff member
Actually, a few RW guys from my place are going that route too that you are.

On a side note, there's some British Army CH-47s here for the month doing desert training. I think they're F models, but they call them a Mk6. Anyway, I told my maintenance guys to go over to the flightline where they're working, and let them know that Manchester United is a group of wannabe wankers who don't play a real sport, and then to come back and let me know their response.


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Been looking into trying to get my CDL after flight school to get hired on working the truck for an ag operation.. with hopes of getting into the helicopter after a season or two. Our oldest and most seasoned CFI at school sprays 6 months out of the year and seems to do pretty well. He was the one telling me about it.