Let's talk hygiene :-P


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Deirdre and I were just in Pebble Beach last week. No spiders though. That said, we did stay out of RVs.

Speedy recovery to both of you.
Looks like she gets out of the hospital today. 21 days on IV antibiotics at home, ouch.

I should have a good surplus supply of gowns, gloves and masks for NJC10 next year. Not taking any chances next time:)


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21 days???? Oh hell no!! That's awful man. Hope she's doing better. Seems like you're pretty much fine now.


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I found an article comparing widow bites to recluse bites... With pictures. Based on what Russ has said, it sounds like recluse bites.

I wouldn't wish those on ANYBODY.

Here's to you and Nicola recovering swiftly.