Let's go play in the desert!


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Check out the Desert and Ash Meadows NWR.

I'll be heading out there on Friday and Saturday. If you are interested, just let me know.

Yes, I know, I'm sick. Here I have a chance to sit on my butt by the pool or in the casino, not doing jack squat but I want to go and play in the desert. :cool:


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If there's rock climbing, I'm in. Assuming I'm not super hungover, which is a big assumption. Especially since this is the first year Matt and I will be at 9FI together.


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I don't think there's any climbing to be done there, but I'll find out. I'll call the place again -- I'm calling Vegas all the time now, trying to find out stuff about these places and book the NFI deal!


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I don't like replying to my own posts, but here is the reply I got back from the folks at the NWR.

Thank you for your interest in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex.
I would base my recommendation to you on which refuge to visit based on
what type of vehicle you are driving. If you are in a low clearance,
passenger type car, I would recommend visiting Ash Meadows NWR as it has
roads better suited for everday traffic. Take a walk along the boardwalk
at the Office site and view Crystal Spring and the native pupfish.

If you have a high clearance truck, the rough, primitive roads of Desert
NWR would provide access to the backcountry areas. The drive from Corn
Creek to the Mormon Well Road to Nevada Highway 93 takes you through five
different lifezones. Please note, Joe May Road is still closed as summer
flood damage is being repaired.

So, unless I can borrow MikeD's truck, it's gonna be the Ash Meadows NWR and there is no rock climbing there. It's a cool place, though. It's an oasis surrounded by desert and I'm enough of an outdoor geek to want to check it out.


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FlyChicaga said:
I'd be game. But yeah, transportation... and hangovers...
Well, I figure I can probably rent a car for less than it will cost for cab fare round trip to the sim place so.....

I'm gonna check it out.