Latest Kalitta Captain award (767)


The Juarez Express
They hired @Stone Cold so the bar must be pretty damn low unless you have good teeth.
They hired me so the bar is barely above the ground. :) I was hired pre-contract though so that helped my chances.

Upgrade times are low now, but there will be a bubble. If you got hired today there’s a good chance you’re upgrade time isn’t going to be 1.5 years. I believe they’ll have one more 40 person bid for the 74 and then a couple 76 captain bids totalling 80 more captains. We could buy more airplanes but we’ve already grown like wildfire. It has to stop at some point IMHO. When it does upgrade times are going to skyrocket. There is almost zero turnover. I believe there has been only two people that have voluntarily left since signing the contract a year and a half ago.

I’m not trying to post this to deter you, just to be realistic when coming here. When I got hired I was expecting a 7 year upgrade. When growth stops it probably will go back to that. It’s a great job even in the right seat though. As a second year 74 FO I will probably do at least 130,000-140,000 with almost zero OT. You get to fly a whale into cool places and stay in mostly top knotch hotels international.

Job has its downsides but overall I’m really happy here and was very lucky to get hired when I did.