LAS Controller "Event"


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With all due respect to November and the other ATC guys, but in this case I kinda think the "somebody will die" card is overplayed. It's good wx VFR at LAS. I think that airport could revert to "uncontrolled" and nobody is gonna die. Everybody would do what they usually do. Be safe. Make the usual calls. No metal will be bent. Not excusing the controller at all but the whole "eerrmmygawwed, planes could have crashed" thing is a bit overplayed considering the airport, wx, and type of operations. I flew out of there in Cessna's in the 80's some and in and out over the years. The system we all play in can fail and I think we'd all be amazed at the ability to adapt and still walk away.
As ATC, I agree with you. It would have been safer if all the pilots treated it as an uncontrolled airport.
What made this situation unsafe was some pilots following her instructions and some not following instructions.


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He was the Challenger co-pilot that was arrested after trying to pick up his clearance. The attorney argued that he wasn’t “operating” the aircraft since it wasn’t airborne.

Drunken pilot sent to prison: 'It's been embarassing'
Either way, ole dude was fixing to be in the cockpit of an airborne machine with a BAC most wouldn’t be able to function at... Guess it pays to have a good lawyer if you’re in deep


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I still can't wrap my head around someone either showing up to work drunk or drinking on the job, to have the audacity to assume you can hide your inebriation from coworkers that know you is bizarre to me. If you're drunk just stay home, you might lose your job but you're not likely to lose your freedom. I don't get it.


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I wonder if all the passengers on these airplanes are calling the local news to inform how they almost died?