Laps around the US ( $35-55 / hour time building )

Black Sheep

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How many hours did you end up accumulating? I own a ‘64 Mooney and might attempt this. It trues out at about 137. Can you PM the tail number of the AA1 you used so I can see the routing?
No matter what I’ll have to get a better Bluetooth interface as the long drone gets quite boring.

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The routing was wherever we felt liked going on that day, wherever the weather wasn't, and whatever point of interest we were trying to see that day. That's the whole point of GA, takeoff and go explore :) my pictures show some of my routes.

Speed is your enemy timebuilding, end up flying from one weather system into the next but you'll be able to do more fun mountain flying in your setup than I was able to do with my Beech.

Have fun!