KMYF of San Diego. Which FBO?


Have a non-aviation friend in San Diego and plan to visit him. He lives one mile from Montgomery Field. Which FBO you guys use for overnight parking? Single engine piston.


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Gibbs is fairly decent... Although the crew car is always out, and it'd be nice if they at least offered you a lift or something.. but I hear the other FBO on field is pretty sketchy. The Argentinian restaurant near Gibbs, Pampas, is supposed to be good but I haven't had a chance to try it, if you do let me know how it is!


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I don't know Gibbs but the other FBO is Crown Air. Not much of an FBO really just a run down building. Even so they mostly cater to T-props and bigger, no crew car or any fancy services either but fuel is reasonable. I would find the cheapest fuel and ramp rate and let your friend pick you up. MYF is the most convenient to visiting San Diego but won't wow you with the services.


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Gibbs, they have been there since MYF had one dirt runway.

However, for overnight parking just park in front of the terminal.


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I based out of Crown for a week and had good luck. 7 bucks a day to park the city charged. Check out the pilot shop at the end of the road. It is by far the best one I've ever been to!