King Air 350 Crash at Addison


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Nah, you're not special, we hate you all. Vent the tank, then fill the tip tanks to like half, then get all of your monkey-stuff and go over to the other side and half-fill the other tip-tank. Then gibber in to the radio whatever peasant-language, and go over to the other tip-tank, fill that. Then "ooh ooh ooh" and get back over to the other side and fill that one. Then fill the outboard. Then knuckle-drag over to the other side and fill THAT outboard. Then fill the inboard. Then fill the other inboard. ARE WE ASKING TOO MUCH? SHOULD WE DRAW YOU A PICTURE?
I suspect my employer might have been a little over ambitious when that particular request was assigned to me. I suppose I might still hate that airplane because of it. It might be a joy to fly, but I want nothing to do with any of them.


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But you’d have that disproportionate Baby Dash tail back lol
it has to be paired with a high wing to look proportional
when you see a cheyenne on the ramp, you look at the engines, tip tanks, fuselage, oh wait, there's the vertical stab... keep looking up... just a little more... vertebrae cracks oh yeah, there's the horizontal. it's like driving a dune buggy with a flag on the back

the mitsi from my first encounter didn't have paint on the fuselage until after the windshield, and was doing prisoner transports. it doesn't get more peak gangsturboprop than that


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The King Air looks like someone asked a developmentally challenged six year old that doesn't even like airplanes to draw an airplane, so your aesthetic judgments get an auto-asterisk.
You’re just deflecting. The discussion was about MU2s and Cheyenne’s. :smoke:


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You’re just deflecting. The discussion was about MU2s and Cheyenne’s. :smoke:
The Cheyenne has -14s and a service ceiling of 410 and a 350kt cruise. It wins.
The only downside of the airplane is it's rare and has little prop clearance.


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The 400LS just looks screamin’ fast parked on the ramp. The MU2...well...looks more like The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine with wings.

Yes, the 400LS does look (and is) fast

But the MU-2 looks like it's coming to take your lunch money



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Wow all you so called experts on the KA350 couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ve got thousands of hours on the default King Air 350 in FS2000 and I can tell you hitting F4 for full power on takeoff is the default procedure and even killing one engine at V1, I could climb it out at 110 knots no problem with auto rudder engaged.

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stop trying to use memes, dad
you're not cool


The 350 has no stop. You can push the operating engine right on up to 156% and it’ll overcome the rudder lickity split.
OH! I was wrong! There is SOME Waco experience like this. There are 2 of them I've ridden in - a souped-up Waco Taperwing that was built for Johnny Livingston to race. "The Question Mark Waco" (what it is called) has a Wright that is putting out somewhere close to 500hp. The other Waco was another one-off racing machine, the Waco CRG which had a really tightly wound Wright putting out 350-400hp. Both of these airplanes required strategic brake use to keep straight early in the take-off roll because power swinging a big prop overcoming undersized rudder.

So pretty much the same. I take back my humble/lack of experience caveats.


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But man that looks exactly like I expected it to look and exactly like the other 2 king air crashes I've seen.
Looks like the gear is still down, too. If it was "topped off" as the NTSB preliminary says, it was overweight.

“Dead-foot-dead-engine” doesn’t translate the this aircraft. The memory items don’t direct the pilot to verify that max power is actually applied. Also, the “need to know,” bit is on point because it can be heard throughout the corridors of a Dallas-area training company that has KA programs (and it apparently represents the standards for training).

This is one of those deals where what you don’t know can kill you.
What "need to know" are you referring to? I missed it. I just finished a 350 recurrent at a big box training facility yesterday.


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The Cheyenne III was a fun plane to fly. Good power and response. Just logistics support was somewhat tough.