Just need a few opinions

I am thinking about attending FSA and I am wondering if there is anyone on here that is currently attending or has recently attended. I have a few questions for those of you who fit this description.

Have any of you taken the 2 year business admin degree from Indian River State College while there?

Anyone who was enrolled in the Business Jet Direct program? Did you get a SIC type rating or a PIC type rating? How long did you have to instruct before you got enough "points" for the type rating?

I know this one is probably going to find someone hard to fit the description, but is there anyone out there who has had a family (wife and kid) while attending FSA? If so, where did you live? How was the town for the family?

Looking forward to hearing from people on this. If there's anything else you think I should know please feel free to make constructive comments. Thank you all!


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I was a graduate in late 2008 0hrs-cfi and have been working as CFI for 2.5 years and since got my CFII and MEI through FSA.

I dont know much about the associates program but I have looked into it a little. My advice is you have more flexibility as a student rather then an instructor if you rely on instructing for primary income.

For those that have done the BJD program have been very successful, with about a year or so at the center then job offer. The point system is fairly new, You receive 1 point per flight hour so you can expect a couple years to build up enough hours to grab a free type rating (1500-3500pts) depending on what type rating you want and how much you fly.

PM me if you want any additional details


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I graduated from FSA back in 2007, worked there until Sept, 2008. then took a job a center through the BJD program.

I am now a Capt for a 135 Charter outfit in PA flying Light and Midsize turbine stuff. It's a good program but you have to willing to put in a bunch of effort.
I don't mind putting in the effort and I'm looking at the Part 135 or fractional route too. What company are you with? Is it national?