Just got my email for interview!


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Question: Did your ASAP status also roll over to something more than "please continue to check back" after receiving your e-mail?

Aviation Careers hasn't been able to provide me with amazing insight.

I'm a regular OTS (no vet pref), scored a 97 on the ATSAT, and a lot of guys I know from flight school are all telling me they all got rejected. I do know one selectee who claims to be "among the last chosen," so at this point I'm really trying to judge if I'm at the end of the line, or if that's yet to come.
My ASAP still says, "Check back for further updates....." even though I was selected for an interview. I'm not sure if or when the ASAP account will update.


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perhaps never; Aviation Careers seemed to imply that the website won't reflect new information until they finally transition to AVIATOR.