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Yeah, I don't know why you did either. I also don't understand why anyone is getting worked up about this. You list for a flight. They clear you to the back as a non rev? Go to your seat. They clear you for the jumpseat? Go ask for a ride.

Doesn't seem very complicated.
Jumpseat is completely different than NON REV. NOV REV = you can have booze. JS = ACM and illegal to drink..

so I have to ask. When some guy gets put in the cabin that is says he is jumpseating but isn't legal to jumpseat or even on our jumpseat list who is going to get in trouble when that happens? You can bet the finger is going to be pointed right at the guy in the front left seat. We already had a non approved person in a FA jumpseat. That got the FA jumpseats banned for all of OAL now.

BOS now wants all non-revs to fill out JS passes too...


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I actually prefer people who don't check in over those who walk in and immediately interrupt whatever is going on. Then proceeds to ask about our trip, regional flying agreements and the long day they just had...

That's why I find stories so odd when Captains freak out someone didn't check in with them after they sat in the back. Also, those who freak out on the verbiage of how to ask for a ride. Just really doesn't bother me at all... Welcome aboard, glad to get you home/to work

That being said I haven't even considered the scenario above...


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'How are things at XXX?'

When you legit can't be honest, or tell the Cap-i-tan to foxtrot Oscar for even asking....


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I always seem to show up to cockpit when the crew is busy doing something. Even if the Capt seems annoyed with having to deal with someone checking in, the light convo that takes place normally smooths that out.

“What do you fly?”

“A Huey....old school ‘Nam. Or an AStar. Occasional Jurassic 73 on the side”

“Wow! That’s cool stuff!”

I then end up being the one who can’t leave to the back due to the interested questions and convo now occurring from the crew. :) But, i’m just happy to be getting to where I’m going and also having a friendly encounter with the front enders.

If I can somehow catch the Capt beforehand or have the gate agent do it, that saves the time and effort of meeting onboard.