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Planning on jump seating to see my parents this weekend, but I want to partake in some snowboarding while I'm there. Is it poor jump seat etiquette to carry a board bag, roll aboard, and backpack (if needed)? Or do people this all the time? It would save me some money at the slopes than renting boots and a board.


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I'm not sure of the etiquette of it.

From a practical perspective, I would only carry that much on a single-leg commute when you can gate check everything and pick it up at baggage claim later. Trying to carry it in the cabin and transfer planes is going to be difficult.


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I'm going from one major airport to another on an Airbus. No RJs here. I'm sure the board bag can be gate checked too.


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You can also check stuff. When I'm commuting back and forth I check a cooler and a duffel bag, plus whatever I carry on (which I try to limit as much as possible). I've even checked guns and skis before while jumpseating.


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I have jumpseated all over the country for years with golf clubs, snowboard or fishing stuff. No problems at all. They will put stby tags on them at the ticket counter for you, if you don't get on the bags don't go.. hopefully.. lol.

I haven't had any major problems. Yet..

As far as the backpack and roller.. absolutely no problem ever. I've had people look at me funny in the terminal when I have scuba fins strapped to my bag but certainly never had any problem with any jumpseating. Crews are always happy to talk about vacations, and happy to get you there too! At least in my experience..


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What about a stroller, a water pipe and "The wedge"?

Sorry, just picking on some folks in "The Lav"


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Or professional courtesy? :)

I know my employer doesn't and USAirways doesn't (at least on the west side), but that's all I've really jump seated with in the last five or six years.
I would try and gate check it. Most agents will let you especially if you tell them you want to volunteer to gate check your bags to help save overhead space.


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Aaah gotta love professional courtesies. How about another courtesy of letting me work on my single engine ILS in those full motion sims!



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Thanks for all the replies. I'll be taking Frontier this time... UPS was booked already for this Friday. Hopefully TSA doesn't give me the stink eye when I send my 5 foot long board bag through the x-ray.
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I had a question about jumpseating on DL and checking in a bag. Planning to take a Delta out of EWR tomorrow and checking in one bag. Can I just go to the ticket counter and tell them I would like to jumpseat and check in a bag?

My experience with DL (and UA) when jumpseating and trying to list at the checkin counter is deer-in-the-headlights. For some agents, the concept just isn't there. They default to "go list at the gate" , but if you do it that way you can't take the checkin bag with you.

Any suggestions/advice?

Do I have to just pony up the $32 and buy a ZED ticket on DL and check the bag in?