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Third Generation Arizonan
Almost six years ago exactly I was sitting in my cubicle hating life, and was told to exit stage right as they knew, and I knew, that what I was doing wasn't for me. Walked directly across the street to the flight school and signed up for the next available slot in training. In short, the best thing I ever did. 141 to 135 to 121 regional, and as of this week I am officially the newest purple box hauler and couldn't be more excited for the career ahead with such a fantastic company. I have mostly lurked on this site nearly every day since the start and while the info provided here is extremely helpful, in the end it was the shared mentality of those on here that shaped how I approached achieving this goal and has been the most influential aspect in getting there. I thank all you JC'ers for that.

I'd like to paint this as a rosy story but I created some of my own serious obstacles to overcome. However, every single day for six years I woke up and asked myself, "what can I do today to just get an inch closer to that goal?" If you do that, you have just as good a chance as anyone else in this career to be successful.

I'm certainly not an expert in this field, but things that helped me:

-Network, network, network
-Get outside your comfort zone
-Be positive
-Do something everyday to get to the goal
-Offset the black marks
-Get out of pistons asap
Congrats & welcome. What fleet are you on?

Awesome that makes a few of you guys here at FDX. Say Hi to @CK if you see him around!
We're taking over.