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All y'all have clearly never driven in Utah, where people slow down coming up to green lights, so they can run the red when it changes, while doing 20 under the speed limit.
I have never seen more U-turns, in the middle of 4+ lane highways no less, than since I’ve moved here.


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Norfolk Southern is hiring. Saw an ad on linked in, applied, interviewed via the interwebz, and received an offer all over the span of like 10 days.
I thought about making the jump about 18 months ago, but just decided it wasn't the way to go after talking to some railroad guys. They're not like the airlines, they'll furlough the day they're overstaffed. Basically the general feeling I got was, until your 10 years + years in, you're likely to get furloughed now and then.

Either way, I'll be interested to see how it goes for you, the idea of it is very cool to me.


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Got offered a job as a freight train conductor. Could be fun and might be worth looking into if you’re interested.
Flew with a dude that did that for like 9 years out in WI.
The part that's meh is they didn't go far. Similar duty thing, then off to a hotel, drive the inbound back after rest.
But it was a job and it paid the bills.


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Dunno, maybe. I just went and looked up railroad jobs in PHX. CSX came up with a Trainmaster position for all locations.
you’ll see the random CSX, KS southern, even FerroMex train on the tracks here, but yeah the tracks here are primarily UP.

UP here hires primarily for yard positions before people move up or into conductor positions, as I understand it here in the TUS area.


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Dunno, maybe. I just went and looked up railroad jobs in PHX. CSX came up with a Trainmaster position for all locations.
I used to work for CSX. We don’t go west of St. Louis. You’ll see the CSX locomotives all over the country though, as we Interchange with UP and BNSF. It’s quicker to let the locos go through. It’s why you’ll see a UP or BNSF loco in the east as well.


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Interviewer: Will you sacrifice your personal wellbeing, health, hobbies you enjoy, and family for this job?
@bretthullrampage : yes, you see at my last job....
Interviewer: you start Monday
Amazing how many guys still act surprised when the job turns out just like the interviewer told them it would. They make it clear it’s going to suck and isn’t for everyone. However, if you put up with it, it can be a six figure job on a high school diploma.


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Another thing to look into if you’re looking railroad is Rail Traffic Control. Initial pay sucks while you’re training but depending on the rail road you can get into 6 figures eventually. I interviewed with Norfolk Southern (?) in Pittsburgh between the AF and FAA but didn’t make it through the initial selection process after doing the personality test. Found that odd since they said they love taking air traffic controllers but me and the other ATC there both didn’t make it past round 1. They hired 4 or 5 out of the 20+ people they invited to interview.