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I'm kinda of curious how the company is doing in general? Seems like a lot of hiring for 3 airplanes with a 8/6 schedule.

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A little birdie told me when are holding interviews on the 3rd of November. Just saying.

I am seriously considering it, but I want to be 100% certain I'm going to take the job before I put my name in again. They called me while I was in training for my current employer, so obviously I didn't do the interview. It's a tough decision because I am so close to upgrade, but Jetsuite seems like it might be more stable long term. Plus I'd really like to use the flight benefits. Being able to work extra days would actually be a plus. I told my company to keep me on the road for as long as they want, I need the money.


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Whats the pay and commuting like? I've seen old threads about the gateways where you buy your own ticket and get reimbursed but I can't imagine that's the case anymore. Trying to see how it compares to air ambulance.


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Didn’t see a better place to post this when I looked. Does JetSuiteX allow commuters to jump seat? I’ve seen some stuff but it seems they only recently joined CASS. Want to verify before I potentially try next week since they aren’t at the commercial terminals.

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