JetBlue and ALPA has an AIP!

So, we've gotta talk about this.

The 190/195 rates are industry leading. They're $30 over American's 190 rates, and $1 over Delta's 195 rate. Would I prefer for them to be 717 rates? Sure, but the industry has already spoken on this issue and valued the 717 over the 190, even though they're the same size. Blame Delta and American for that one.

JetSuiteX is flying 30 seat aircraft. If I have to guess, every airline out there allows unlimited code shares if it's under 50 seats, with the thinking being that Cape Air isn't going to put anyone out of business.

Yes, language matters, so as I said; if there's air tight RJ scope, is this still a minor win?
I was pleased with the 190 rates as well. It’s not the 90% of airbus rates that it was before but percentage wise it’s much higher than legacies. That bodes well for everyone else in my opinion.

At AA it’s basically narrow body FO rates to sit left seat of the RJ. Right @learhawkerbe400
I wouldn’t know. They pay me 777 captain rate bc im so gd mainline.