Jet Access Aviation ?? Good / Bad / Ugly


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I am considering a job with Jet Access Aviation starting in their Hawker. I have zero jet time with 2400 TT / 500 multi. Their pay seems to be on par with salary's found on, and they are hiring more pilots to move from a 10/5 to a 10/8. Benefits appear to be decent. Can anyone tell me about their experience flying with them... if you leave a comment please let me know if it is from personal experience or you heard it thru the grapevine. Thank you much in advance.....


Did you lock the doors?
If you're a member of ppw, someone was asking over there about the same company (maybe it was you) and they got a response with an offer to pm for info. Might be worth going over there and hitting that guy up if you can't find anybody here with info.