JC Photo Contest Q2

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Hey all, it looks like ya'll were mostly onboard for the quarterly format change. It is my hope this will allow more time to allow for submissions and participation.

Just think of the email jetcareerphoto@gmail.com as always open for submissions, no matter the date. I am also doing away with the theme requirement. So if you see something out there on the road which looks cool, snap it and send it! I will filter it out based on the date it hits the inbox and will throw it in the respective quarterly voting period. So no need to worry about dates on your part, just send me pics!

I will pull entries for three remaining voting periods this year:

2: April 1 through June 30
3: July 1 through September 30
4: October 1 through December 31

Submit to: jetcareerphoto@gmail.com

Other assorted rules:

The photo still must be taken by you. Honor system. Once you've submitted, you're in for the upcoming voting period. I will only include one of your photos per voting period. Additional photos by a sender will be held till next voting period. Any registered user is welcome to submit, whether you frequent the photo sub forum or not. Point and shoot, dslr, or as they use to say in racing, "run what you brung".

Thanks all!
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