I've got a question for all of you broncos.


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I came here looking for insight into WMU and I'm happy to see a lot of active alum in the forum.

I'll be starting the flight science program in January. I've got about 30-35 credits transferring in, and roughly 15 hours of flight time (no license, obviously.) What is the typical timeline for students to earn their ratings? Let's assume I'll be attending full time - summer included, and am not completely retarded. I've got an AS in aeronautics, and a few tower tickets. I'm fluent on the radio, and have a pretty good knowledge of rules and reg's.

So what do you think? realistically, how soon could one complete their commercial or CFI if they don't intend to take the program all the way to a BS? I'd also love to get my SES, and some time in the decathlon if possible.



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I dont go to WMU, but I do go to UND and was pretty much in your exact situation. I should be done with everything in 2.5 years. Commercial for us is once you complete multiengine you get all the ratings from instrument commercial and multi at once. So do get my commercial license, pretty much at exactly one year. CFI should be done the next semester so 1.5 from starting school. Hope this helps and good luck!