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iPhone or Samsung


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Mods, please bear with this, it is aviation related!

My 4 year old iPhone 4S is not too slow and lasts about 6 hours so I am in the market for a new phone. I have had iphones for the past 6 or 7 years but I am now tempted to jump ship to android. I am comparing the iPhone 6S and Samsung S7 and they seem pretty similar in all respects.

However one key element for me is how useful they are for aviation. So does one phone offer an aviator more than the other? Does one work better with SD than the other, does one have a better selection of flying apps etc?

Reviews and thoughts welcome as ever.


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ForeFlight, one of the best and most successful aviation apps for GA is iOS only. More and more people are using it for a digital logbook too.


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If you use ForeFlight, as stated above, is ONLY on iOS

While Android has FltPlan and Garmin solutions (and several others)

Foreflight is the ONLY reason to go with an Apple solution. The entire Apple Ecosystem is overrated.

And don't limit yourself to the Samsung line of phones.
Consider HTC solutions and the One Plus line up (namely the One Plus 5)