Involved in a Car Wreck; Career Implicatoins?


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IMHO - one accident is not going to hurt your chances. Two might not either depending on the circumstances....

I would think that the airlines are looking for anything that is both symptomatic and problematic.... i.e... if you keep getting into accidents and/or getting citations - then that would raise the red flag and make them wonder if they should take the risk in hiring you.


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It's not really a wreck, per se, but a 'risk profile'.

If you've got a DUI and a few DUI-related car accidents, absolutely forget about it.

If you've got a speeding ticket, big deal. But if you've got a historical tendency to get lots of speeding tickets, that's another story.

A car accident? No biggie. But if you've had a lot of recent car accidents, yow. They're looking for the lowest risk candidate -- someone who is going to keep his nose clean at home and quietly and efficiently do his job at work.

One thing that it a common phenomenon is whenever a pilot gets in trouble in non-aviation related situations in Atlanta, it goes like this: "John Smith, an Atlanta-based domestic pilot for Delta Air Lines, did yadda yadda yadda". If he was a plumber, it'd be more like "John Smith, of Marietta Georgia, did yadda yadda yadda".

Is it fair? Nope, but does it happen? Yup.