International Jumpseat?


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10 yrs ago I had one 9E pilot claim he got to physically sit in the jumpseat of an Air France from CDG to ATL, as in the flight deck. I don't know why he would lie about something like this, so maybe it's true or maybe not?
Ive seen numerous instagram posts of people doing this on foreign carriers.

One of them was an SAS FA who was trying to non-rev with her friend to Miami. The only seats available were in the flight deck. They had some pretty good footage of herself, an SAS FA, and her friend, a non crew member, sitting up front while on approach into Miami. It appeared that mid-flight they got to sleep in the crew rest area.

Another post was a buddy who works for one of the big 3 in the flight deck of a European carrier as it made its way across the Atlantic.


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Pretty sure it is completely up to the Captain on European carriers. I sat in the FA JS from MIA to FRA on Lufthansa around 2006 when all I had was a private pilot cert. A techno DJ I follow on social media recently posted that she got to sit in the FD JS on Brussels Airlines.