Interesting storm in Nebraska

Roger Roger

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I laughed at a dude in Kansas or Nebraska... can't remember where. He was talking about how hard the flying in the Midwest was. "People from Alaska respect this type of flying." He was telling his young copilot ( in a King Air 90 no less).

I couldn't hold my tongue any longer, "no they don't" I rudely interrupted.
I didn't make a friend that day. Oh well....
There’s planes and shiz down there tho, and not all of them are ADSB and know each other by name. I’ll take a garbage day in the canal over trying to do a checkride in the practice area near, say, BFI. At least the mountains don’t move like bubba in his Cessna.


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Yea im used to the OVC 012 or 005
The wall cloud was probably about that. This was probably on of them maternal fornicators that's upside down bowl shape on the bottom. Suck your Cezzna up, and spit the pieces out at FL600. I remember driving down the highway once and seeing a perfectly formed roll cloud that extended for a mile or two either direction. I almost pulled over: One, to take a picture, and two because the wrath of the almighty was about to fall from the sky...


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I've spent about ten years in Nebraska.

Some say it's boring. I say it's peaceful.

I've lived in several other places over the years and didn't like them as well as Nebraska.

As for flying, it's all the same... equally easy. It's not very hard in Nebraska, but it's also not very hard in New York or Idaho or Alaska, once you get used to it. People who talk about how hard something is usually have tiny penises and/or something to prove.

Anyway, do whatever you want to do. If you don't like a place, probably ought to go somewhere else.

I'll go back to flying around Nebraska now!