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I was flipping through this months Playboy and came across this article by Richard Branson, thought I would share it with you all. I had to type it out so mind the spelling errors if there are any.
P.S. - Ms April

5 Ways to Fix the Airlines
By Richard Branson

1. Make them as friendly as America.
It’s odd that U.S. airlines so rarely think about the consumer. America is a friendly place, but when you’re in the air above America, you’re in another world. It’s not the fault of the people on the planes; it’s their bosses who show little imagination. The time you spend in the air should rejuvenate you. That’s why we created a cabin with bars, manicurists, massages, and beds.

2. Stop recycling planes.
Many airlines operate under the myth that it’s cheaper to refurbish an older plane than it is to replace it. New jets are more efficient and require less maintenance, which cuts costs. They’re also quieter and better for the environment. The most successful airlines rely on jets less than three years old. Newer planes are more pleasant to board- they have a new-plane smell. And they’re safer which contributes to the reputation of the carrier.

3. Remember that small is beautiful
Proudly claiming that your are the biggest airline in the world also means you’re the worst airline. When you become that big, your overhead takes over. American carriers such as Southwest and JetBlue have both the most smiles on board and the newest planes. The big carriers would benefit from breaking themselves into smaller companies.

4. Let the dinosaurs die.
The first bailout of the industry after September 11 was necessary because of an exceptional event; the second was a mistake. If an oak is reaching the end of its life, let it die so new trees have room to grow. Several large, inefficient airlines are filling slots at U.S. airports that could be better used by upstarts.

5. Allow foreign carriers to compete.
I can start a cinema or mobile phone company in the U.S., but I can’t set up an airline. Consumers would benefit if foreign carriers could compete head-to-head on domstic routes. We could expand by partnering with U.S. airlines, but I’d rather control my own destiny


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Ahh buttering us up with touchy-feely pathos... "Can I have in your market? pretty please?"

I'd like to remind everyone how much Branson cried like a baby when British Airways and American wanted to codeshare.


I think he is a PR genius! He really can make the media work for him! His daughter is not bad looking either!!

I'd like to remind everyone how much Branson cried like a baby when British Airways and American wanted to codeshare.

[/ QUOTE ]

I would like to remind everyone how British Airways illegally obtained passenger information, call Virgin Upper Class passengers, and posed as a Virgin employee and would explain that there was something wrong with the Virgin flight (full, maintainence, cancelled, etc) and they were be re-rooted on BA.


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With how few pictures and how tame playboy is - unfortunately the articles are the best bit.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well it's not porno, it's a 'gentlemen's magazine'


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that's why Maxim's better! No nipples but they sure do get close enough! And the articles are great to read!


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Read Maxim if you want to read trashy guy articles, but dont look to playboy for anything too informative.


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(in Homer Simpsons voice)--MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Christina Aguilera.... aghagahaghagahgahaghagahga!!

Sorry, where were we??? "No way BA-AA"????