Interesting Napkins on Delta


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Had one of those napkins on our flight yesterday!

Wife and I were wondering how long it would take before someone got offended... that didn’t take long.


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If someone is sensitive enough to be triggered by a napkin and start squawking about it their opinion is invalid IMHO. That's just someone looking for something to complain about online and hoping they receive some kind of positive affirmation. They aren't offended, no reasonable person would be, they just want attention of any kind to tell them they're brave and special. I actually feel bad for these people because they were raised without any training regarding dealing with the real world, it must be a harsh introduction when they enter the workforce regardless of industry. Fair is not a common word in business, not everyone gets a trophy, only some do.


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So yes, I am totally on board with this being a mountain made of something smaller than a mole hill, but since it actually is a thing I must say that I like Delta's response. They totally owned it. "We missed the mark. Sorry dudes and dudettes." That is very responsible, and because they didn't make a big fuss and try to blame Coca-Cola or some airport napkin vendor, it's all over with and everybody can move on. There are a lot of "adults" who could learn a lot from that.


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People want “fun” but not “edgy”. Because one person’s “Ha, that’s stupid but kind of a little fun” is the next persons “EXPLODING WHIRLING DERVISH OF OUTRAAAAAAAAGE”

It’s been around for months, seen (or ignored) by tens of millions of people, but one day... on the internet... :)


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Forget napkins, what about Alaska's prayer cards?

Alaska Airlines to stop handing out prayer cards to passengers
Originally published January 25, 2012 at 6:28 pm Updated January 26, 2012 at 8:03 am

Alaska Airlines has decided that its 30-year practice of giving prayer cards to passengers — the last six years only in first class — is outdated and will stop doing it on Feb. 1."