Interesting email from ATC HR...

I've been in ATC application purgatory since August '08, and I've gotten use to the run around (I do understand I'm not the only one). I was given a class date at the beginning of FY 11, but my cleareances expired and had to be passed over. After that I was told I was #7 in-line for a class date for ZAU, which is fine with me, but today I got and interesting email from the Midwest En-Route HR rep. It wasn't the so much the email that was interesting, but 1 line stood out in it, "If asking for a redirect, please be specific". Although ZAU was my geo pref, Im willing to jump ship if necessary. I would love some opinion on this topic, thanks in advance for time.


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It is my understanding that redirects are generally not accepted. However, if they are specifically mentioning redirects in your e-mail then maybe you have a shot. You could ask for Memphis. There are at least three of us, myself included, from the October 2010 panel that already have class dates. One is already in OKC & this other guy & me are going next month.


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It's a risky move. When I was in line for a terminal spot, we got the same e-mail from one of the general HR reps for the region that said we could request a redirect, but if you do, you end up at the back of the line for that facility. For me, I got SUS as my airport and was allowed to put in a redirect for STL, but it would have put me somewhere like #9 in line instead of #1 where I ended up. It was worth the wait. I think, after that e-mail, it was about 6 months before I actually got the call with a class date for the facility for which I was originally assigned.
ZAU is supposed to bring on around 40 people next year from what I've heard at the facility. It's been a long time since we've had any significant number of people brought on board. Only 5 new hires in the last 14 months.
Yeah the HR guy told me they only brought on 5 people. If 40 is whats about to be brought on then thats great news, and there hope for me yet. Thanks for the info!