In flight WIFI, a hazard? RF exposure, etc.


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Look, there may be some worth to looking into long term continuous exposure to EMF. If I get a tumor in my thigh in thirty years from carrying my cellphone in my pocket, I'm probably not going to be too surprised. But, as has already been pointed out, an airplane is not different than any other public space. E.g. trains (everyone is on their phones, desperately avoiding human contact); coffee shops, libraries, classrooms, the list goes on...

So, ger' off mah wifis!


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I think it’s an article paid for by Doug Parker in order to justify less and less in flight amenities. :) :sarcasm:
The new United: We CARE about your health, so we're the first airline to remove DEADLY WIFI RADs from our aircraft!!1! You are WELCOME!


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mmmmmmmmmmmmm Garlic....

I am not taking a position, but in the article there are a lot of people with initials after their names (PH-D, MD, etc.) saying this may be an issue and needs further study. I think it would be difficult to link unconsciousness to wifi, but there could be other harmful effects from the high amounts of it as stated in the article. In any event, I hope all of the pilot and flight attendant unions are at least aware that there is a question out there posted by some very qualified professionals.
I've known a lot of people with a lot of letters behind their name.

But let's just take PHDs. Their job performance and compensation is utterly dependent on the amount of 1) publications their writing goes into, and 2) how much grant money that comes in.

It does NOT depend on finding that there are no issues and we don't need to worry about it, nor actually finding solutions we might like the answer to. Their livelihood actually depends on creating problems where none exists and then not finding solutions.

"Buh, buh, buh....publications are peer reviewed!". That's right, by people who are in exactly the same situation as the author.

I've actually sat in on sessions where PIs are trying to conjure up as many "trending" buzzwords as possible to put into grant applications.

Are there good people doing good work? Sure. But like so many other facets of modern life, there are so many posers, hucksters, slackers and very slick snake oil salesmen, it is virtually impossible to differentiate the bullpoop from the good stuff.


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I paid double to ride Delta over American last flight. The lack of IFE on American was a big part of it. I hate to break it to ya, but not every passenger out there conforms to the dirt cheap business model you seem to like nowadays. In fact, the most profitable customers don’t. Hence why Dougie struggles to survive while Delta prints money.