I am old now and need to get my first ECG


I am trying to subdue may already bad white coat syndrome with the horrible eye test and blood pressure. Is there anything that should be checked with my normal doctor before I see the AME?

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Someone should definitely do *something*, Captain!
If you mean the one at 35, my understanding is it's just a baseline. Like, unless you're obviously about to expire, the purpose of it is to have something from when you *weren't* a fossil to compare to later.


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How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

I'd probably be in my mid-late 30s.


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I already know about a cardiac issue that was found in an EKG back in 2012. I reported it then, and this year my first required FAA EKG came up, same issue, my AME had no issues with it since it was PRNC and hasn’t gotten worse...I actually got another one last month in prep for my Flight Physical, exact same item. It is what it is, the strip doesn’t lie.