How to study for AT-SAT Math portion?


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New here! Hello all.

Yes, I've already searched for my question...

I've PASSED my biographical test and will take the AT-SATS. I have the green book & the 'StuckMike' study guide PDF and BIPBOBTL's Study guide from the thread below. And can do the math with a calc and pen just fine. 30/30. Math is not difficult for me. MENTAL math is difficult for me. Whats the best way to study for the math portion of the AT-SAT? As in doing the division, multiplication in your head?



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I'll disclaim this first with saying I haven't taken any recent AT-SAT, I took it in 2008. I'm pretty confident to say there will be no calculator allowed nor any paper or pen. The green book has questions that are in multiples of 60MPH (1 MPM). With this basis, you can calculate a lot of the questions fairly easy.

Make sense?