How to stay informed about hiring events?

Rodger Wilco

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What is the best was to stay informed about Airline Pilot hiring events?

Is there anyplace that these Airlines post this information so that I know ahead of time? I want to be poised and ready to sign up for all application windows, and hiring event signups. The problem is, I have no idea when the windows open, when the registration is available.

How do people know that these events are coming up so that they can be ready? I have been searching all over the internet and I cannot really find anywhere that lists when the windows will open or when the events take place.

Does Airline Apps / Pilot Credentials notify you? Are people constantly looking at Facebook for the heads up?

Thank you in advance. -Wilco


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Dexter posted the big 4 career fairs and those are well known. I think you’re also talking about the once and done things and, for the companies that have them, application windows. For me, for everyone of them, it came from my network. Whether it’s a SWA fair or Vets in Blue or FedEx Expo, I learn about it from something other than an official communication. Did you know that JetBlue’s application window is open right now?

I posted here about FedEx Expo when I heard about it, but not about any app windows or other fairs. I think we can do a better job of dropping some of that info here on this site.

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Yanited saying 4,000 pilot new hires between now and 2022. That sounds way too aggressive, but if true good for them. Lots of movement coming!

Rodger Wilco

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Thanks @Dexter that aero crew solutions looks great!
I’ll put that on my list. I wonder how quickly the online job fair fills up once registration opens.