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Hiring CFIs Dallas Texas

Stewart Stoll

Chief Flight Instructor
Texas American Flight Academy is currently looking for a full time CFI-CFII for our Addison Texas location.

Benefits include guaranteed pay + hourly rate based on licenses. Pay progression schedule. Hours in a wide range of aircraft.

If interested please E-mail me Stewart.Stoll@flytexasamerican.com

Stewart Stoll

Chief Flight Instructor
No 401K or Profit sharing. up to 1000 a month base pay (CFI-CFII-MEI) +20/hr per Hobbs after a few months the hourly rate will increase by 2 dollars. 2 days a week off. That is what we offer.


Drive hard and NEVER lift.
How many hours can a CFI expect to log per month? What about the cost of living in the Dallas area?