hey you new york guys


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I went by the social security office today and they gave me forms that need to be filled out and I mail them and a $30 check back to them for my employment history..... BS!!!! I told them how you guys did it and they said that the office is not supposed to handle it that way... I was pissed... oh well :banghead:
Same thing happened to me yesterday (after a 30 min wait too)


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I went to my SSO as well, and after I realized they only take check or money order I came back to get a check. Got the idea of just calling my old employers, got all the dates I needed, and more precise than the SSO one. The girl that helped me there said that it was only years or some such, and not month/days. I got the exact dates from my last employer, and then I called a company that handed payroll for another one and got the info from them. So you can also just make some phone calls and save yourself 30 bucks too.