Hey Tenney!


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Nope I was on "The Rock." Executive in SJU. They called us "Sand Monkeys" at the Flight Academy!


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The reason I asked was that Skyway used the old "Simmons" uniform cap with the "S" on it.

I jumpsat (jumpseated?!) Simmons a lot between ORD and MKE when I was traveling back to Wisconsin after seeing Kristie.

Flying a Beech 1900, that ATR was about the coolest aircraft on earth at the time.

Nothing says cool like "AC Wild".


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LOL there were always AC Wild jokes on The Rock. I think we had male flight attendant who had that as a nickname.

By the way, mine was Kaiko. Kaiko Jones. Ask someone who hablas espanol about it.


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Doug is referring to an unregulated AC circuit in the ATR-42s and 72s referred to as "AC Wild"

but I like the freak reference


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Yeah I know, we have this on the Saab too. 115 VAC "wild" frequency gen. Powers our ice protection equipment (besides the boots of course).